Balloon Rockets & Slime Making Fun!

Balloon Rockets & Slime Making Fun!

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Class Description


Balloon Rockets & Slime Making Fun! Ages 5-8
Learn the science behind balloon rockets and slime when we take a fun hands-on approach as we build our own balloon rockets and make our own slime


Class Requirements


Please prep and gather all materials prior to the start of class and have them accessible for the children during our class time.


We begin promptly at the scheduled time. All activities are carefully planned and any child that arrives late may join the activity which is currently taking place. This is necessary to ensure the least amount of disruption to the class. Understanding this policy is appreciated.


Class Supplies


4 balloons
1 long piece of yarn or string (approximately 10 ft long)
1 plastic straw
2 chairs
4 oz glue
1/4 cup Tide liquid laundry detergent
Some liquid laundry detergents will not work, Tide is recommended.


Prep prior to class: Face chairs back to back. Insert string into straw, tie one end of string to top of one chair ,space chairs out the length of string tie other end to top of chair.



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