Film School in Two Months (Filmmaking 101) (Ages 10-15)

Film School in Two Months (Filmmaking 101) (Ages 10-15)

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Class Description


Our 5-star reviewed instructor will take students from having never touched a camera before to making their own 5-10 minute short film. Unlike other film courses, students will learn every stage of the filmmaking process: pre-production, production, and post-production.


In pre-production, they will learn about storytelling, Campbellian mythology, and the Hero’s Journey; they will learn about cinematography, including the diftheyferent types of camera angles, how to get "coverage" on a scene, and how to make a shot list; they will learn how to record high quality sound with limited resources, including two different methods used by the pros; they will learn how to get actors and crew for their project, and how to make a production calendar and plan their shoot.


In production, the students will learn how to run a film set, including how to set up for each shot and how to slate; they will learn how to direct actors, including the two big problems that actors face and how to solve them; and they will learn how to lead their cast and crew.


And in post-production, the students will learn how to organize and label their project files; they will learn how to edit, including the two most important principles of great editing and how to use them to make exciting movies; and they will learn how to finalize and export their film so that it can be shared online or submitted to festivals or contests.


The course will place an emphasis on the practical knowledge necessary to be a successful young filmmaker. No matter the student’s previous experience level, this course will be an excellent way to introduce them to the magic of filmmaking and begin their portfolio with their very own short film.


Class Requirements


Students will need a basic video camera. The family camcorder will work fine. You could also use a smartphone with a decent camera. You’ll also need a Windows or Mac computer in order to use DaVinci Resolve. Unfortunately, a Chromebook won’t work. Please have Resolve downloaded and installed before our sixth and final class session.


Class Supplies


– You’ll need a digital camera for this class. A DSLR is ideal. A recent-model smartphone will also work, although it’s not ideal.
– You’ll also need to download DaVinci Resolve (which is a computer program, not a mobile app):


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