How to Take Breathtaking Pictures (Photography 101) (ages 10-15)

How to Take Breathtaking Pictures (Photography 101) (ages 10-15)

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Class Description


Our 5-star rated instructor will teach students, not through rote lecture or exercise, but through doing. Over the course of the five weeks, students will gain all of the knowledge necessary to confidently use a camera to capture life’s most precious moments, and to capture them beautifully.


Live classes will be held once per week, for an hour per session, for four weeks. During this time students will learn about exposure, focus, zoom, white balance, and the other elements of photography. They will also learn how to skillfully access and control these elements in whatever camera they have. Finally, they will learn some of the behind-the-scenes tricks to taking great photos that separate good photographers from great ones.


Week One: Camera Basics, Parts of the Camera, ISO
Week Two: Aperture, Shutter Speed
Week Three: White Balance, Focus, Focal Length
Week Four: Depth of Field, Composition
Week Five: Post-Production Editing


Class Requirements


Students will need a digital camera. A recent-model smart phone will also suffice. If they’re using a smart phone, they’ll need to download Camera+ Pro for Apple devices or Camera FV-5 (which is free) for Android devices. They’ll also need to download and install Darktable, which is a computer program. It’s not available for mobile devices or Chromebooks.


Class Supplies


– A camera or smart phone
– Camera+ Pro for Apple devices or Camera FV-5 for Android devices.
– install Darktable (


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