I Love You To Pieces

I Love You To Pieces

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Class Description


Ages 3-4 Celebrating Valentines day with cute art projects made from puzzle pieces and hand prints. Adult assistance is required with prep and projects.


Class Requirements


Please gather all materials prior to class and have available during class.


Class Supplies


Small heart made from poster board, card stock or foam hearts from Dollar Store or Michaels


Puzzle Pieces ( enough to cover the heart or at least the outside edge)


( 2 ) 8X10” white poster board or card stock paper
pink or red paint
blue paint
white paint
paint brushes
white or silver glitter


Prep: Cut heart shape, paint one side of puzzle pieces with pink or red paint ( great activity to keep the kids busy! ) Provide enough time for paint to be dry before our class. Print and cut out the following:


I Love You To Pieces


My hand is like a snowflake
Unique in every way
Keep it close to your heart
I’m growing everyday


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