St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

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Class Description


Ages 3-4 A little art, a little science and a little sensory mixed into one class to celebrate St. Patricks Day.


Class Requirements


Please gather supplies prior to class and have them accessible for children during class.


Class Supplies


Black paint
toilet paper tube
green paint
yellow paper
green paper
black paper
crayons or markers


Prep: Draw horizontal line inside the plate section of paper plate ( not the crinkled part) Cut the horizontal line, continue cutting up and around the inside line on paper plate, you will then have a half circle cut out. Save the half circle. The paper plate should look like a basket with a handle.


Trace and cut a slightly larger circle than base of toilet paper tube on green paper. Draw and cut gold coins from yellow paper. Cut 1 inch strip of yellow paper to fit around toilet paper tube. Cut small black square ( this will be used for belt loop) it should be small and fit on the strip of yellow paper.


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