BABY BALLET with Kennedy (ages 2-4)

BABY BALLET with Kennedy (ages 2-4)

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Class Description


Welcome to Virtual Baby Ballet with Kennedy! This is a pre-AB class for toddlers + parents to dance together while preparing for the first level of ballet technique class. ~Ages listed are a suggestion~ Below you will find the Class Structure:


1. Ballet Barre
2. Center/Learning Choreography


Class Requirements


~Remember: Ages listed are a suggestion~
BABY BALLET: pre-dance class for ages 2-4, the class before Absolute Beginner for young, budding dancers.
Absolute Beginner: If you have never taken a dance class before, this level is for you! Come learn the basics of movement at a steady pace in a beginner-friendly learning environment.
Level 1: This class is for dancers at a beginner level. Some knowledge of technique helps!
Level 2: This class is for dancers at an intermediate level. Firm knowledge of technique and choreography experience helps!
Level 3: This class is for dancers at an advanced level. Versed knowledge of technique and choreography experience helps!


Class Supplies


Ballet Barre (this can be a chair, kitchen counter, anything secure!) + Space to Dance!



Do I need ballet shoes?

We will not be dancing en pointe, so bare feet, socks, or ballet shoes are just fine! Whatever is comfortable.

What should I wear to class?

Any form fitting dancewear: leotards + tights, cami + leggings, spandex shorts, t-shirts, etc… whatever is comfortable. It’s best to tie your hair back to keep your face clear!

Do I need to be super flexible for ballet?

Absolutely NOT! This class is for anyone who loves to practice ballet. Remember: flexibility and mobility do not make you a good dancer. The height of your leg is not your worth. All are welcome here. 🙂

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