Intro to Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

Intro to Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro


Class Description


Do you have a bunch of photos or video clips that you would like to organize into a beautiful video set to music? Are you are a gamer who would like to compile a montage of your best gameplay clips, or maybe you would like to shoot your own footage and make short film.
This Intro to Premiere course was designed with the end goal of creating a memorable personal video.
Basic edits, video transitions, video effects and basic keyframing are among the skill you will learn in this fun, interactive online course.


Class Requirements


Students must have a computer/laptop that can run Premiere Pro.


Class Supplies


Adobe free trial of Premiere Pro.



Can I use a Chromebook?

You cannot install and run Adobe Premiere Pro on a Chromebook.

What background knowledge is necessary?

You don’t need any background knowledge. I explain everything including file management.

Does this course have a prerequisite course?

No, just come to this course with a desire to learn.

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