Dino Day

Dino Day

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Class Description


Dino Day:Ages 3-4  Put on your palentologist hat and dig into some dinosaur fun with dino art projects, volcanic eruptions and dino fossil excavations.


Class Requirements


Please prepare and gather all materials prior to class.


Class Supplies


1 8×10 piece of white construction or card stock paper
green crayon or marker
black crayon or marker
small googly eyes / optional
glue or tape
single hole punch
yarn or string
balloon * if don’t have balloon use ice cube tray
2 cups hot water
very small dino toy
3 deep trays with sides
pippette or turkey baster
red food coloring
baking soda
Dixie size cup
shaving cream
toy dinos
paper towels or cloth
green washable paint or green food coloring
dino templates you will received in email


*Prior to class please prep the following:
Cut dino body parts from template
Cut dino head and eye section out from template
Fill balloon or ice cube tray with tap water to make a very small size egg shape .Place small dino toy inside. (the smaller the better) Place in freezer. Prior to start of class cut balloon open to reveal the dino egg place inside a tray. PS Try not to show the kids whats inside the egg they will soon find out during class! Optional items: safari hat, binoculars


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