Where Did Your Imagination Come From?

Where Did Your Imagination Come From?

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Class Description


Why do we make art?
Where does your imagination come from?
What stories do I have to share with the world?


This class aims to build technical skills in drawing and painting while centering an emotional connection to art making and community.


With focusing on art making as play and connection to ourselves and community, we start with concepts that are personal and emotional, and that help us cultivate our own answers to “WHY” we make art. As we move along, the curriculum builds into more formal elements of art making such as storytelling and observational drawing and painting. Utilizing each skill we pick up along the way, the final project will be a book that we construct through drawing heavy comics, our newfound understanding of what makes a good story, and observational en plein air watercolor painting for the cover. We will then share our books as a community and talk about them together. I’m hoping that in this trajectory, we can always center feeling good, learning about ourselves, and our world as we move into more formal art learning.


everything in this syllabus is subject to change:


UNIT 1) Introduction to sketchbooking
● Class agreements and goals
● Class conversation: where did we get our imaginations?
○ Draw our dreams & brains (talk about subconscious)
○ Plus making our own sketchbooks to use in class!


UNIT 2) Thought Form Project-
● Automatic drawings
● What feelings are colors? Shapes?
● What does my “happy” look like? 🙂
——> make our own “how do you feel today” chart


UNIT 3) Self Portrait with our 6 senses Project
● What do I look like? What do I think I look like?
● Talk about our senses and memory
● What do I look like? (observational drawing skills)
● What do I think I look like? (introduction to character making)


UNIT 4) “_____ and the Purple Crayon.” ~ a storytelling choose-your-own-adventure, with reading comprehension activities and an introduction to comic making.
● Read Harold and the Purple Crayon together
● Discuss (learn about elements of a story and themes together)
● What is our story? Make our story into a scroll (intro to comics)


UNIT 5) Comic Project
● Talk about panels
● Support each other in our own individual stories
● Illustrate!

UNIT 6) En plein air unit (make our covers for the book!)
● Allows us to take a break from comics
● Watercolor skills
● Reductive drawings with white crayon
● This can become the covers for our books


UNIT 7) Finish books and share! 🙂


Class Requirements


Open mind, open heart!
This class is for kids 6-12 who love to draw 🙂
No need for technical abilities or any sort of prior training.


Class Supplies


Only your favorite type of drawing materials and some paper!


No Schedules Currently Available.