Percussion for Mindfulness

Percussion for Mindfulness

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Class Description


This class has two main focuses; Staying Calm/Mindfulness and Learning Basic Drumming. My objective is to allow the student to explore the percussion world while building a positive and calm mindset, and increase self-awareness.


Class Requirements


Bring motivation and a smile.


Class Supplies


1 pair drumsticks.
Practice pad(or flat surface with bounce)



Do I need any drumming experience?

Absolutely none. All I ask is to come with a good attitude.

What if I don't have stick or a practice pad?

The techniques we will be using can be used with hands only. However, I highly encourage to pick up drumsticks, because this will allow for good finger dexterity and muscle memory, if the drums is desired for school or a hobby.

Do I have to have experience in mindfulness?

No. We will be starting at my favorite spot for any new subject, ever. The very beginning. Day one, phase one.

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