First Grade Homeschool 1

First Grade Homeschool 1

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Class Description


The class will meet three times a week for 90 minutes. I will treat the class like a typical first-grade classroom. There will be morning meetings and storytime in addition to lessons. I will also try to engage the learners in cooperative learning games.
Every week we will have spelling words and practice writing them and using them in sentences. Every day we will be working on reading fluency and comprehension.
This class is a great option for homeschoolers who want some academic support as well as some social interaction for their learner.


Week 1
Review writing letters ( capital and lowercase)
Solids, gas, liquids
Simple addition and subtraction (using a number line)
All about the library
Spanish (greetings)


Telling Time
Capitalization (where to use capital letters)
Arctic Animals
Community Helpers
Spanish (colors)


Week 3
Solar System
The13 Colonies ( basic geography. Reasons they came to the new world, What was day to day life like in colonial America)
Parts Of speech
Spanish ( animals)


Week 4
Counting by 2 and 5
Animals and their habitats
Maps( east, north, west, and south)
Rhyming words and Poetry
Spanish (verbs)


Week 5
Martin Luther King Jr. ( who was he? What did he do? What should we learn from him? )
What is a complete sentence?
Spanish (Weather)


Week 6
Body systems
American Symbols ( Statue of Liberty, Flag, White House)
Writing sentences
Spanish (parts of the body)


Week 7
Counting money
Different kinds of rocks
Heroes ( what makes a hero? Who is your hero and why?)
Spanish ( my house )


Week 8
Two-Digit Addition
Animas of The Desert
The 7 Continents
Spanish ( Poetry)


Class Requirements

Class Supplies


Pencils, crayons, scissors, glue.
Access to a printer. Materials will be provided by the instructor to be printed.



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