Gingerbread Baby

Gingerbread Baby

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Ages 3-4 / Wednesday, Dec 8 / 10:00-10:30
Based on the classic story Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett we will take a quick story walk to familiarize the children with the Gingerbread Baby, if they have not already met the little rascal. The rest of class will be spent engaging in gingerbread baby centered activities .


Class Requirements


Please prep and gather all materials prior to class.


Class Supplies


brown construction paper or brown felt


red ribbon




glitter ( preferably red or white)


6 small google eyes


black marker


red marker




single hole punch


deep tray


4 tbsp baking soda


1/2 c vinegar




ground ginger or cinnamon spice ( optional) gingerbread cookie cutter or one gingerbread cut out from template sent with email or purchased from Michaels
Please prep prior to class:


Gather all materials needed and have accessible during class time


Trace on brown construction paper and cut out 3-4 gingerbread shapes from template attached to this email, or purchase foam or felt gingerbread shapes from Michaels
Hole punch one hole in center of 3 gingerbread heads


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