Grinch Day

Grinch Day

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Class Description


Ages 3-4 / Wednesday, December 1 / 10:00-10:30


Don’t let the Grinch steal Christmas. Kidscapades will lead this fun filled class of Grinch activities! Each child will pour and mix their own bag of magic Grinch dust! Complete with directions on where and when to sprinkle the magic dust to keep the Grinch away. We then stir up a cup of exploding Grinch punch to help keep the Christmas magic in the air!


Class Requirements


Please prep and gather all materials prior to the start of class.


Class Supplies


White glitter or white sugar


Green glitter


small ziplock bag


4 oz white glue


green food coloring


small bowl


2 popsicle sticks or 2 spoons


1/2 C Tide Laundry detergent (other brands may not work)


1 tbsp


deep tray


small dixie size cup or glass




1 tbsp baking soda


green glitter (optional)


paper towels for spills 🙂


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Ages 3 to 4
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