Healthy Valentines Day Desserts (Ages 6-9)

Healthy Valentines Day Desserts (Ages 6-9)

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Class Description


Create 2 delicious Valentines Day treats that are naturally sweetened with fruit!


These will taste so delicious, your friends and family will be asking you to make them again!


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


Groceries and kitchen equipment will be emailed to each participant upon enrolling.


Most kitchen supplies are everyday items such as:
-cutting boards
-sharp knive
-mixing bowls
-measuring cups
-oven mitts



What do I bring to the class?

Students will be emailed a list of equipment and groceries needed before the class start date.

Do I need special cooking equipment?

No-most of the recipes we focus on using everyday kitchen items.

What if my child has food allergies?

No problem! Each recipe there are allergy-friendly alternatives so your child can make the identical snack/entree as their peers.


Please let me know in advance and I can be sure to provide you a revised recipe.

Does a parent need to be present?

There are some classes that utilize an oven, stove top, or a sharp knife. It is advised a parent is at the kitchen table to assist in certain steps of the recipes that require more guidance (i.e taking items out of the oven)