How Do You Feel Today?

How Do You Feel Today?

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Class Description


What does your imagination look like? What colors are your feelings and dreams? Does my “happy” look different than yours?


I, as the instructor, will give an engaging presentation on the history of tulpas/thoughtforms (visual/physical manifestations of emotions/the unseeable) and their influence on art. Together, we will learn how to make thoughtforms, and channel our emotions onto paper. Through listening to songs that evoke emotions and looking at colors and shapes, we will create our own “how do you feel today” chart. These charts are usually sterile, found on the white walls of doctor’s offices and only showing emotions through a round yellow emoji. This project will challenge us to look behind the yellow emoji and within, to see the deeper, more specific, shapes of our emotions.


Class Requirements


None 🙂


Class Supplies


-paper and a ruler, gridded paper (1"x1" boxes), or a printer to print out a grid
-any coloring materials you like (pastels/pencils/crayons)


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