A Course to Build Self-Worth by Analyzing and Understanding Comfort Characters

A Course to Build Self-Worth by Analyzing and Understanding Comfort Characters

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Class Description


From the time I was a small child, I was often are more empathetic towards the various characters in media that inspired me to not give up, or that I held dear, than I ever was to myself. As a species, we often don’t allow ourselves access to the same compassion and respect we show these characters, even if we wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to feel that way about a friend or peer. In this class, I’m hoping to help those that struggle finding their own self worth, or don’t always see the good in themselves. There are a lot of people that don’t see themselves as important, and not enough of those people, of all ages, realize how unhealthy it is to view themselves that way. It can be very detrimental towards what obstacles you’re able to overcome, or which of your goals you are able to meet, and how you do so. It’s important to be proud of yourself, it’s important to believe in yourself and care about yourself enough in order to maintain healthy relationships with others. Sometimes we don’t see how important it is to the people we love that that we see our own value. I feel that people of all ages, whether children, or teenagers, or adults, would greatly benefit looking at things from the angle that we are just as important and valid as the character we hold close to our hearts. I’m hoping it might help others feel better about themselves in the same way it’s given me the strength to keep moving forward, with my head held high.


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Determination and bravery! Lots of kindness! And a sense of humor!


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