How To Make A Movie: Take One
Beginners Level
1 video, 1 audio, 1 reading
Audio: Listening Exercise
Graded: Cumulative Language Quiz
Intermediate Level
2 videos, 1 audio, 1 reading
Audio: Listening Exercise
Video: Collocations for Job Interview
Graded: Cumulative Language Quiz

How To Make A Movie: Take One

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Class Description


Students brainstorm ideas for a story, put those ideas together to write a screenplay, then star in the movie they have created together. Teamwork is a big part of what is encouraged here and everyone gets to express their ideas throughout the entire process. They will be instructed in story writing, acting, and the basics of filmmaking in a supportive and fun atmosphere.


Class Requirements


Ages 8- 15.
If you have a child outside of that age range who has a serious interest, we can talk about it. This class requires students have access to run zoom on a laptop, desktop or smart phone, preferrably a laptop.


Class Supplies


There has occasionally been the need for parents to purchase inexpesive prop or costume items but this is kept to an absolute minmum as part of the philosophy of this class is to work with what we’ve got to create something special.



How do you create a story that can be filmed via an internet platform?

The biggest asset the children bring to this class is their imagination and we have come up with fun storylines together that lend themselves to being filmed on an internet meeting platform.

What background knowledge is necessary?

All are welcome and need only to bring their imaginations with them.

How do the students get a copy of the screenplay?

The screenplay will be emailed to you so that a hard copy can be printed.

No Schedules Currently Available.