Kali for Kids: Principles of Protection

Kali for Kids: Principles of Protection

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Class Description


I don’t know about you, but when I was young, fighting with sticks as pretend swords was the coolest thing ever. Any large tree branch or stick I found magically became a mighty heroic sword in my hand, and my imaginary foes could not stand before me.


Have you ever played or used your imagination this way? For me, when I was small the world was a big and sometimes scary place. Playing this way helped me feel strong and not so little.
In this class, we’re going to use sticks just like these to represent our swords. We’ll train hard and learn to overcome obstacles, protect ourselves with tools (just like early humans did!) and talk about what it means to be confident and powerful, no matter how little the world may make us feel.
Something to know: this class involves the use of sticks as learning weapons. It is not a space for craziness or silliness, but control and focus. If you want to be silly and don’t have control, you will be asked to leave the class. Conquer your barriers and overcome obstacles!


Class Requirements


A mature attitude


Attentive learning


Class Supplies


A pair of kid-sized rattan sticks, OR PVC pipe with wooden dowel inserts



What if I/my child has never done martial arts?

Young people are a sponge for information gathering and are welcome to try it out at any level of experience! All we ask is that there be no showboating–maybe you know a lot, but please put your pride aside and be ready to learn.

I/my child has no sticks!

You can easily make your own practice sticks with wooden dowels and PVC pipe, or we can provide you with links where to purchase some. Or just use your empty hands and your imagination!

Aren't weapons dangerous? Why should I/my child learn to use sticks?

Functional skills of self-protection give confidence and courage to learn alternatives to combat. The idea is to provide options to dangerous situations, not to create bullies with bludgeons. In our class you will learn control and discpline–if you don’t want that and just want to beat people with stuff, you’ll find this class is not for you.

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