Intermediate ESL Through Online Topics

Intermediate ESL Through Online Topics


Class Description


Teens will have the chance to learn some intermediate English vocabulary and grammar while focusing on topics and situations they come across in their daily lives online.


Class Requirements


This class is intended for students learning English as a second language who have some of the basics down, such as simple present and simple past, enough vocabulary to hold a basic English conversation, and enough writing skill to be legible.


Class Supplies


Students will need the ability to write answers to assignments, whether that be in a notebook or using a program on their computer. If students choose to write in a notebook, they should use a pencil with an eraser handy to easily change their wording or grammar.


Basic Syllabus

Week 1

-Get to know each other
-Discuss as a class rules, goals, and particular topics of interest
-Reading lesson on internet and social media vocabulary

Week 2

-reading and writing lessons on nouns and quantifiers

Week 3

-reading and speaking lessons on relative clauses

Week 4

-Listening and speaking lessons on advanced feelings vocabulary

Week 5

-Writing lesson on present perfect
-Wrap-up and feedback session

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Class Times

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(10 sessions total)
Ages 13 to 18