My First French Words: From A to Bleu to Ca va?

My First French Words: From A to Bleu to Ca va?


Class Description


The Francophone (that’s French-speaking!) world is full of bountiful culture, food, and some fascinating people. Just as we had to learn English from ABCs and 123s, this is for those learning those concepts again: but this time in French!


This course will focus mostly on the absolute basics of French: alphabet, numbers, colors, seasons, basic phrases and pronunciation with some lessons about French-speaking people all over the world!


Class Requirements


Be eager to learn!
Good microphone and audio is highly recommended for pronunciation practice.


Class Supplies


Good audio hardware
Anything to take notes


Tu as une question?

What if I already speak a little?

This course is aimed for someone took (or is taking) French in school and wants to be sure they remembered what they learned or for little ones to start branching out in their bilingual dreams early!
Perhaps download a language learning app such as Duolingo to gauge if complete beginner course is the right placement for your child!

How much French do you know?

I’ve taken French since middle school but as we know, that which you don’t use becomes lost to time. I have recently refreshed myself in college by adding in a French minor and I’m around an intermediate level. Presently I’m working in multiple tenses, high level grammar, and more conceptual topics.

Is this Parisian or Canadian French?

I will be focusing on Parisian French though there could be some Quebec French as mini-lessons now and again just to show the variety of the Francophone world!

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