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Class Description


Each class begins with a simple drawing, depending on the topic of the week/month, followed by painting it while explaining what color mixes create what, and the different brush types as well as the technique, or brush strokes, you may use.


Class duration : 1 hour


Class Requirements


Ages 6-15


Class Supplies


What you will need for this class:


A BIG sketchbook
Canson paper (found at the dollar store)
Acrylic paints
Paper plates
Paper cups
Your beautiful big smiles!


*Please note that throughout this adventure, depending on the craft of the week, you will need to add a supply or two for our creations !



Does my child need to have any prior knowledge in drawing or painting to take this class?

Not at all, any student can attend my class, I start by very simple paintings for everybody to understand the basics, and then we move forward!

Is this a fast paced class?

I usually talk my students through the classes step by step, all the while keeping in mind that we have a time limit. I do not rush the little artists, but I do my best to help them finish their masterpieces by the end of the session.

Do I have to spend a lot on paint and supplies?

As beginner artists and painters, you can find all that my class requires at you local art store, if not, you can even find some of them at the Dollar store!
Keep in mind that once you get the sketchbook, pencils, watercolors and acrylic paints, they will last you for several weeks throughout my class.

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