Pirate Adventures

Pirate Adventures

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Class Description


Pirate Adventures: Ages 3-4 Calling all pirates of both genders! Our adventure takes us to create a one of a kind pirate ship , pirate sword and pirate sensory box! The adventure concludes with a treasure bottle eruption!


Class Requirements


Please prep and gather all materials prior to the start of class.


Class Supplies


egg carton
black paint
red paint
paint brushes
popsicle stick
pirate flag*
blue sticky tack, putty/clay or glue dots
*white poster board or card stock paper
sword template*
2 packages of dried black beans
large deep container ( approxiamtely 2 inch deep with sides)
scooping tools
small bucket or plastic bowl
gold coins and other treasures ( gems, small toys etc. anything small to hide)


A pirate flag and sword template will be emailed. Prior to class trace sword template onto card stock or poster board. Cut one section from egg carton to be the base of small boat, trim top to make flat. Optional items small pirate chest, small pirate figures, eye patch, pirate hat,


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