Play with Sound

Play with Sound

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Class Description


A fun, playful class with presence and sound!
* Claiming the moment
* Engaging the body, breath and mind
* Moving meditation
* Attuning with the animal and plant kingdoms
* Mindful action as energy exchange
* Sound therapy
* Connecting relaxation to satisfaction
* Engaging positive mindset
* Using our voice in new ways
Benefits include: Reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep, increased focus and prolonged attention span, stronger mental resilience, improved emotional regulation, increased self-awareness and empathy.


Class Requirements


* Quiet room with supportive surroundings
* Willingness to try something new


Class Supplies


Less is more –
For indoor classes – bare feet or wear socks
One favorite pillow to sit on
Blanket for coziness.
Light healthy snack if needed



Is this class for all ages?

Attention and engagement is imporatant for any class to be a success. Ages 6 – 14, I find, do well in the application of the practices we learn and find it benefitial to their daily life. As each child is unique, I invite the parents to join and enjoy, too! I encourage how they can help their younger child engage and have fun being present together.

No Schedules Currently Available.