Learn to Sing!

Learn to Sing!


Class Description


In this class you are going to learn the proper techniques to sing!


We will be learning how breath, how to sing vowels, how to sing quiet and loud, and much more!


Class Requirements




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Do I need to know how to sing to take this class?

No. We will learn everything you need in these classes.

What age group can take these lesson?

I have had students as young as 3. Age is not necessarily as important as the interest level. When a student is interested they stay engaged the entire lesson regardless of how young they are. I do ask that children have an adult near by in case of connectivity issues or possible attention issues.

How can I help my child find success in this class?

I tend to find that children find success when they are having fun. This could be something as simple as encouraging them to show off what they learned in class, having a family kareoke time,or even implementing a reward system of some kind.

No Schedules Currently Available.

Please check back later in case something opens up.