Sketchbooking for Sprouts

Sketchbooking for Sprouts

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Class Description


This is a workshop on making your own sketchbook, and what to do with it once it is made 🙂


1 1/2 hours, online.


To start class off, I will be guiding students through the (surprisingly easy!) process of making our own D.I.Y. sketchbooks. We will discuss what sketchbooks are and why someone might want to keep one. Then, we will move into an interactive slideshow, where I as the instructor will introduce different ways to use our sketchbooks; to play, as a diary, to practice drawing, and as a place to try out new mediums. I will also delve into visual journaling and how to do it! Together we will do collective, mindfulness exercises using drawing as meditation, automatic drawings inspired by the surrealist greats, and somatic memory journals inspired by the queen, Lynda Barry, herself! The skills taught in this class will help us with emotional regulation, mindfulness, and artistic development. It will be a fun morning of embodied exercises and skills that will last a lifetime.


Parents welcome to sit in! (These skills are great for any age.)


Class Requirements


An open heart and mind !


Class Supplies


Paper (internal, for the inside of the sketchbook, any kind or size)


Some kind of paper for the cover (maybe thicker, cardstock or scrapbook paper, same size – or cut to same size – as internal paper)


a long arm stapler or needle and thread (and maybe an adult’s hands at this part!)


any color, any medium, only requirement is that it feels good in your hand!



Can parents/guardians sit in on this workshop?

ABSOLUTELY, in fact I encourage you to! I think these skills are great for all ages. This workshop is actually adapted from a lesson I teach at the beginning of each and every adult course I teach (I think its that important!)

Do I need a bone folder for this lesson?

Wouldn’t hurt, but not required. Bone folders ( are a great tool for creasing paper, and make folding pages for making our DIY sketchbooks very easy.

Will this course be available for older kids as well?

This class is for all ages! Though it’s language is geared towards age 6-12, teens are welcome 🙂

Whats next?

This workshop serves as an introduction to my newest course "Where Did You Get Your Imagination?" – a class that aims to build technical skills in drawing and painting while centering an emotional connection to art making and community. We will be learning about self portraiture, abstraction, and en plein air through the lens of storytelling and sequential art!

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