Stay Ballin Basketball Lessons
Beginners Level
1 video, 1 audio, 1 reading
Audio: Listening Exercise
Graded: Cumulative Language Quiz
Intermediate Level
2 videos, 1 audio, 1 reading
Audio: Listening Exercise
Video: Collocations for Job Interview
Graded: Cumulative Language Quiz

Stay Ballin Basketball Lessons


Class Description


A monthly basketball lessons course like you’ve never seen before. Stay Ballin combines skills work with Basketball IQ. In this course I introduce ‘Basketball IQ’ to players which is the skill of how to play ‘smart basketball’. Learn skills both offensively & defensively. Strengthen your Basketball IQ by learning skills like how to create separation from the defender, drawing contact for a foul from a defender, and playing the best defense you’ve ever played! Skill drills are also a key element of this course in addition to the IQ portion of the class. I will build the players skills in dribbling, shooting, and passing. With Stay Ballin, players get the total package in training, guaranteed!


Class Schedules are updated Monthly!


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Class Requirements


Ages 8-13


Class Supplies


1. Basketball(s)



Can I just enroll in a single course? I'm not interested in the entire Specialization.

This class is more beneficial when participating on a consistent basis. It is recommended for participants to enroll for the entire week.

Will this class take place outdoors?

Yes. Or any safe enclosed area suitable for dribbling.

What background knowledge is necessary?

No knowledge is necessary.

What will the program consist of?

1. Dribbling
2. Shooting
3. Basketball IQ
4. Passing

What is Basketball IQ?

Basketball IQ is the ability to play “Smart Basketball”. Players will learn skills and strategies in this area of expertise in both offense and defense. An example of playing smart basketball would be things like anticipating the steal on defense or taking the offensive charge on offense. I will be giving players the tools and tips needed to do implement these skills and more.

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