YOU & The Purple Crayon

YOU & The Purple Crayon

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Class Description


1 ½ -2 hours. Age range: 4-8


A storytelling choose-your-own-adventure, with reading comprehension activities and an introduction to comic making.

Together we will read “Harold and the Purple Crayon” and talk about the elements of a story and how imagination plays a role. We will talk about how Harold is feeling, and when we have felt that same way. Then we will make our own stories, similar to Harold’s, and travel through our own imaginations to our safe spaces, wherever those may be. <3


● Read Harold and the Purple Crayon together
● Discuss (learn about elements of a story and themes together)
● What is our story? Make our story into a scroll (intro to comics)


Class Requirements


None 🙂


Class Supplies


-long piece of paper/scroll
-colored pencils


No Schedules Currently Available.