Zine Making

Zine Making


Class Description


Jump deep into making Zines in this dynamic mixed media course. Explore self-publishing your work in a mini-magazine through collage, drawing, and writing. Learn how Zines are a tool for activism, sharing personal stories and showcasing art.
Art skills practice includes: writing, drawing, publication design & layout, collage, artwork archiving, digital publishing and more.


Zines are meant to be shared resources. This class will explore personal issues and ideas that are affecting our communities, and how we can come together to find solutions.
Whats your story? Sharing individual stories through art is healing and transformative. Additionally- I believe that process is just as important as the product, and this class is a lot of process!!


Class Requirements


This course is designed for youth ages 12-17.


Adult course available.


Class Supplies


Journal or paper :
Lined writing paper and blank drawing paper
Pencil, pens
Your choice of art making materials (colored pencils, markers, paint, collage supplies etc)
Photocopier/printer or access to one suggested but not required.



Do I need art experience?

While visual art experience is helpful, it’s not a requirement for this course. All levels welcome

What's a Zine?

Short answer: Pronounced ‘zeen’, a Zine is short for fan-zine or magazine. It is a self published work that can be about anything you are passionate about or want to share.
Long answer: join our course!

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