All Things Entrepreneurship and Money

All Things Entrepreneurship and Money

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This is a very intense, fast-paced, in-depth course about money and Entrepreneurship. Kids in this class will learn budgeting, taxes, paying for college, credit, credit card management, loans, mindsets and attitudes towards money, emotional spending, values of homes and apartments, what it costs to live on your own, the cost of luxury items everyone wants, and so much more!


The purpose of this camp is very simple: to set kids up for success. Too many well-meaning adults give so much bad advice when it comes to money, and especially to college, that kids end up making huge financial mistakes that can affect them for years into adulthood. I want to inform kids of what the world is really like so they can learn to save, be disciplined with their money, and so they can be as financially successful as possible. Heck, if my training can help kids become millionaires in the future, I would love that! I believe that when kids are taught about what’s possible, they’ll be able to change their lives, and even the world! Knowledge is power, and this camp empowers kids to make great decisions and avoid the mistakes that so many of us made growing up!


Kids will be able to answer these questions after camp is over:


Is college for me?
What is the smartest way to pay for college if I decide to go?
How can I leverage my current skills and interests to make money RIGHT NOW?
Can I afford the life I want when I’m an adult?
Can I afford to move out and live on my own?
How can I leverage the internet to start a business?
How can I manage credit cards responsibly?
What even is a credit score, and how can I make mine amazing?
What are taxes and how do they affect me?
What do I need to do to be able to afford that Lambo and Rolex? (And other luxury items)
What is a loan and how do they work?
How do I buy a car?
And yes….so much more! 🙂




Day 1:


Mindsets and attitudes about money
Emotional Spending
Federal Income Taxes vs. State Income Taxes
Value of homes and apartments depending on where you live
Starting a business vs. having a job


Day 2:


Current Tax Brackets
Salary breakdowns
Average monthly expenses of a single adult
Real life examples of things that can go wrong
The reality of starting a business
Monetizing your current skills
Costs of things that people like. Cars, jewelry, watches, homes, traveling, clothes, cologne and perfume


Day 3:


Credit Scores
Building Credit
Applying for credit cards
Managing credit cards
How credit affects everything….buying cars, getting loans, renting apartments, getting a mortgage, etc..


Day 4:


Community College vs. Private College vs. State College
Different degree types and associated costs
Real-Time current tuitions for some different colleges
The danger of student loans
Costs associate with college outside of tuition
Trade school
How loans for college will affect your life after college
Bad advice vs. good advice when considering if college is the right decision


Day 5:


Business lingo
Types of business you can start
The reality of starting a business (What it takes)
The benefits of entrepreneurship
How kids can monetize their current skills
How kids can leverage the internet to start a business
During the week, students will be encouraged to ask questions and have open discussions in our class comments section. Kids can ask literally any questions they have about money and entrepreneurship, and they will be answered.


I am so stoked to teach these classes, and I can’t wait to see you on the other side!


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