Amusement Park Science
Beginners Level
1 video, 1 audio, 1 reading
Audio: Listening Exercise
Graded: Cumulative Language Quiz
Intermediate Level
2 videos, 1 audio, 1 reading
Audio: Listening Exercise
Video: Collocations for Job Interview
Graded: Cumulative Language Quiz

Amusement Park Science

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Class Description


This course explores how physics are everywhere in theme parks. From the highest drops to the lowest spins, specific attention to detail makes each and every ride a perfect example of how science creates a loop, spin, or turn. Whether a carousel rotating counterclockwise, a dark ride moving forward, or a roller coaster looping upside-down, this course uses amusement park rides, themes, and more to tackle some complex subjects in the realm physics, such as force, motion, acceleration, and gravity.


Class Requirements


internet access/Wi-Fi capability


Class Supplies


Paper/pencil recommended but not required.



What does this course cover specifically?

This course covers the history of theme parks, the math and science behind the engineering of certain rides, such as roller coasters, and the marketing, design, and theming of theme parks.

Do I need to have any prior experience?

No, this is open for all ages of all experience levels.

Do I need to create my own attractions, and how can I do that?

Yes, you will create your own attractions during this course. You can create them by writing down ideas, typing them up, drawing your designs, creating presentations, building in Roblox, anything goes!

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