Beginners Ukulele

Beginners Ukulele

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Class Description


Hey there, my future musicians!
Here’s what to expect on our wonderful journey:
>Expect to learn the Ukulele components, Basic Care, and Proper Positioning
>Strumming techniques
>Expect to learn the most useful chords that’ll enable you to play ANY song.
>Expect help in finding your unique sound and the freedom/confidence to create your OWN songs!
>You can undoubtedly expect to see my big smiley face twice a week too (heeheehee)!


I like to teach in intervals of both lessons and Brain Breaks in order to keep your brilliant minds engaged in the class! Sometimes you have to disengage to re-engage!


There will be digital/printable Lesson Plans for everyone to stay well informed with!


Class Requirements


>A Ukulele
>A Tuner (there are a variety of phone apps that work GREAT for this!!!)


Class Supplies


A readiness to have fun!!! ^_^)/
If you have a strap for your Ukulele, that’s also a plus!


No Schedules Currently Available.