Bellydance Basics (Kids)

Bellydance Basics (Kids)

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Class Description


Ahlan wa Sahlan, al’atfal (Welcome, children) to Bellydance Basics!


Yes, children can (and do) belly dance. Fairly common, or at least not surprising, in the Arab world, and particularly in places like Lebanon, Ukraine, and Morocco.


Children are taught the conditioning, adjusted for their age and physical capabilities, and basic movements for the dance, and at parties children will sometimes join in and keep up with the grownups.


This class will teach the same stuff as the adult classes, with a few minor tweaks here and there. No showing of the belly is needed; a fitted top and hip scarf or coin belt will be enough.


Posture, 7 Types of Movements, adjusted conditioning, embellishments, and history/culture will be covered in class, and I will be available for one-on-one help.
I will take regular breaks during classes.


Any adults supervising don’t have to be involved, but it’s highly encouraged! If there is something the child(ren) isn’t comfortable with, please let me know.


I will definitely add on propwork at some point, and prop work is a world within a world. So many props, so little time!


This class is also setting out to dismantle much of the myth and misinformation surrounding belly dance, and gradually removing the stigma surrounding it. At least, on an individual level.


I am here for answers, personalized help, and even choreography! I will do my best to teach this class as I have not taught children in a long while, and I hope that you enjoy this class, or at least learn something from it.


Ma3assalāma! (pronounced mass-a-lar-ma; goodbye, peace be with you)


Class Requirements


No dance experience is required; just an open mind. Belly dance is a place for the willing, regardless of gender, gender presentation, age, or orientation. Know your physical limits and do NOT push yourself to the point of pain or injury.


Class Supplies


-1 scarf or coin belt to tie around the hips (optional, but VERY HELPFUL)
-1 yoga mat for conditioning/floorwork drills
-1 bottle of water (please keep hydrated)


No Schedules Currently Available.