Cartooning – Learn to Draw Almost Everything
Beginners Level
1 video, 1 audio, 1 reading
Audio: Listening Exercise
Graded: Cumulative Language Quiz
Intermediate Level
2 videos, 1 audio, 1 reading
Audio: Listening Exercise
Video: Collocations for Job Interview
Graded: Cumulative Language Quiz

Cartooning – Learn to Draw Almost Everything

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Class Description


We will be learning and drawing the whole process of cartooning – fast drawing using simple images and symbols.


The first lesson covers the human face, head, facial expressions, and body. Next we draw animals of all kinds – first the invertebrates, then fish. After that we draw reptiles, birds, and mammals. (We will also draw dinosaurs and dragons!)


We will then put these characters and animals in a setting with buildings, trees and plants. We will draw many backgrounds: some realistic, some fantastic.


Next comes the popular ‘cartoon effects’ lesson, with all the necessary but simple symbols to enhance the drawings – things like speed lines, stink lines, and speech bubbles.


The class concludes with making art for holidays and celebrations – drawing balloons, banners, confetti, signs, as well as borders and frames.


Throughout the course, students are encouraged to draw continuously. The new artists may try to copy the instructor’s art, whereas the more experienced ones should feel free to add their own unique artistic style. As this is an interactive class, students will be asked for their own suggestions of subject matter. If there are favorite animals or characters chosen by the artists, we will focus on those as well.


Every class will have some time devoted to looking at the artwork created by the students.


Class Requirements


none – just a willingness to draw


Class Supplies


Only a pen/pencil and paper is required. A sketchbook and some colored pencils or markers are welcome but not necessary.


No Schedules Currently Available.