Intermediate Creative Writing

Intermediate Creative Writing

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Class Description


Welcome to Intermediate Creative Writing!


This two week course will take your child through the process of creating longer pieces of fiction primarily through short stories. Often times we want to jump right into novels and world building, but putting in the ground work with flash fictions and impactful short stories will help you develop your writing skills without the risk of burnout or project abandonment.


Each student will complete at least one piece of fiction by the end of the session and have the opportunity to read it and discuss with the class. Options and resources for publication will be given, but is not required.


Monday: What Inspires You and Brainstorming
Tuesday: How to Write Through The Burnout
Wednesday: Let’s Talk Characters
Thursday: Building a World in Fewer Words
Friday: Idea Locked in- Now What?
Week 2
Monday: Drafting
Tuesday: One-on-one consultations
Wednesday: What to do when you get stuck?
Thursday: Revisions! Revisions!
Friday: Final Reading!


Class Requirements


Must have completed Intro to Creative Writing or can show a brief work sample. 12+ unless exception is made based off writing sample.


Class Supplies


Instructor will provide all materials.



How much writing is required for this class?

Students will have the option to either complete two flash fictions or a five to ten paged short story.

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