Art for Kids!

Art for Kids!

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Class Description


An art class for children where the goal is to have fun! No skills required, just a willingness to create and learn. Kids will learn the basics of art while drawing what they’re interested in. Even the most stubborn and difficult of kids will love this class!


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


Basic art supplies- crayons, pencil, markers, paint, paper, or whatever you have lying around



What supplies will I need for my child?

Don’t worry about buying expensive supplies- this class plays to whatever you already have lying around. As long as you can make a line on the paper, you’re set!

I'm not sure I want to take this class if my child might make a mess...

Not to worry, part of the lesson will always be about cleaning up after yourself! It’s an important part of art and learning, so it will be included!

I don't have a child, but your class seems like fun. What should I do?

Well, I don’t have an adult class available for now, but there are plenty of other talented artists on this website who I’m sure can teach you. That or you could lie and say you’re a child (please don’t do that, it’s illegal)

No Schedules Currently Available.