Drawing Monsters

Drawing Monsters

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Class Description


This is a class on inventing cool monsters and drawing them.


You will learn:


– Fundamentals of drawing that will help your art look more realistic and three-dimensional. These techniques apply to everything you might want to draw, not just monsters. They apply no matter what style you are interested in, from cartoony to manga to realistic or anything in-between.


– Basics of human and animal anatomy (monsters are often created using animal forms).


– Techniques that artists of all kinds use to invent cool new monsters and/or put new exciting spins on classic ones.


This class will help you if you’re interested in doing:


– Horror, Fantasy, or Sci-Fi Illustration
– Animation
– Concept Art or Character Design for Movies, Animation, or Video Games
– Comic Books (Western Style)
– Manga
– Art for Tabletop Roleplaying Games (like D&D)


Class Requirements


Imagination and a desire to learn!


Class Supplies


Pencils and paper of any kind will do.


In drawing, it’s not the materials that are most important, it’s your skills, which I am here to help you develop! Drawing is the foundation of all visual art- as your drawings improve, you can easily move on to color media such as markers, paint, or even computer coloring.



Is this class appropriate for my teen?

It is up to parents to decide whether the subject matter of monsters is an appropriate one for their teenager. While I don’t necessarily encourage overly bloody or violent artwork, this is still a class that deals with the horror genre, and monsters are often, at the very least, gruesome-looking.


One way to gauge the class is to take a look at the sample class images. If you find them overly violent, disturbing, or too frightening for your teen’s personality or maturity level, do not sign them up for this class.

Why a class focused on monsters? I want to learn to draw all kinds of stuff.

"Monsters" is a broad and wide-ranging topic; monsters appear in all sorts of media including video games, movies, comic books (manga and western), fantasy and sci-fi illustration, games like Dungeons And Dragons, and more.


The skills taught in this class will help you if you have any interest in any kind of art that fits the fantasy, sci-fi, horror or superhero genres (or mix thereof, as these genres are often blended together).


If you are interested in pursuing concept art for movies, animation, or video games, inventing cool or fascinating monsters is a huge part of that job (for our purposes the term "monsters" includes any supernatural or otherworldly being including futuristic aliens).


In addition to learning tips and techniques to invent/design monsters, the class also teaches fundamentals of drawing that apply to anything, monster or otherwise, that you would like to draw. The way the class is structured, each lesson is a two-fold one, mixing a general drawing lesson with a monster-design lesson.

Do I need drawing experience? What skill level is the class?

I teach drawing techniques that will help you whether you are a beginner or have been drawing for years. No matter what skill level you are at, this class should help you improve and "level up" as they say.

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