Everone’s an Artist

Everone’s an Artist

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Class Description


Hi y’all!


In my course, I will work along side you in creating a beautiful masterpiece. This course will vary in what materials we use depending on the schedule. I will teach painting classes in which we paint together and I will be right here for you during for questions. These sessions will be acrylic or watercolor and I will have specific "themes" to follow with me


Another scheduled class would be pour painting(this one is a bit messier and would require floor space to be covered or to be outdoors)


Here and there I will have drawing classes in the same format as my painting class.


I am so looking forward to making art with you.


Class Requirements


Come with an open mind 🙂


Class Supplies


Acrylic Paint
Cup of water



Will we need all of these materials each time?

No, depending on what course is on the schedule will be which materials you need. I will list materials when each class is posted.

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No Schedules Currently Available.