Fashion sketching for kids

Fashion sketching for kids

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Class Description


In this course, I will provide 8 classes, 1 class per week. This course will introduce students to the world of fashion. Design through the medium of fashion sketching, body proportion for fashion, color co-ordination including other critical components. Design process, design principles and exercises are central to the program. I will provide them hand-on experience on how fashion world evolve.


Class Requirements


Age group


Class Supplies


Class supplies
-Pencil 2B,4B, etc
-Sketch book


Recommended colors (could be one of these)
-Pencil colors



How many students in one class?

Minimum 4 students and maximum 10 students. I would like to be able to participate with everyone and try to bring the best in them.

What is the age group?

I usually divide a group in to 3 age ranges.




Anyway, it depends on students’ skill as well.

Do students have to have a basic drawing?

I would say yes. Just a basic drawing of lines, shapes, etc.

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