Fun With Acrylic Paint Pours Art Workshop

Fun With Acrylic Paint Pours Art Workshop

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Class Description


Welcome to my art class where we ‘mess’ around (yes it’s gonna get messy) while having Fun With Acrylic Paint Pours!


So if you have a canvas, old sculpture or even a rock that you would like to experiment with by adding colors, then join me in this simple yet artfully fun adventure!


Class Requirements


Creativity heavily encouraged.


Class Supplies


A variety of different color acrylic paints to choose from. Ideally you will be using three to five different colors.


One big cup to mix all of the colors in.


An art space for the excess paint.


***If you do not have ready-mix pour paints (most are not) then you will also need these supplies below …


Small cups to mix each color


Something to stir each color with


All purpose glue


Water to mix into each color



Is it really gonna get messy?

Absolutely! So create yourself an art area to catch all of the excess paint. I enjoy cutting up cardboard boxes and shoe boxes to my desired size pending project.

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