Guitar for Live Performance Course

Guitar for Live Performance Course

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Class Description


Welcome to Guitar for Live Performance!

In this course we will discuss methods you can use to become a better performer! Whether you are performing in front of a massive crowd, or a live video stream! We will discuss some habits to avoid, and how to prepare for performances!


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Class Requirements


This course is targeted to anyone who has some experience playing guitar, and is looking to take it to the next level. There are also some tips in here for musicians of all experience levels that may struggle with the performance aspect of being a musician.


Class Supplies


Things you will need for this course:
– A guitar (or other instrument)
– A good microphone/ Audio interface.



If I am a beginner is this class for me?

As long as you are capable of playing a full song from start to finish, this course is for you!

If I am an experienced musician, what can I gain from this course?

I have been playing guitar live in front of varied crowd sizes for the better part of a decade. I have many experiences that can help you learn what to do and not to do in many different scenarios that you may or may not have encountered.

Do I need a guitar for this course?

Yes! Or at the very least, some instrument that you will can play on camera. This course targets guitarists, but can be adapted to fit individual needs.

The class schedule doesn't work for me. Can you add one that will work for my schedule?

Absolutely! Either request it here, or message me on Instagram to add a new schedule. @BradelBard

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