The “Missing Link” in Internet Safety

The “Missing Link” in Internet Safety

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This interactive class focuses on the relationship building strategies and techniques online predators use to gain the trust of kids and to trick them. I use the Socratic method, which employs the art of questioning in order to really engage learners, and to make sure the information they learn is impactful, and is actually retained.


This is a very unique class because I go beyond the normal internet safety advice. We talk about the basics of not sharing information online, being mindful of what and where we post, and the reality that everything we post online lives forever. We go in-depth to learn about how predators earn the trust of the kids they are grooming through taking advantage of emotional vulnerabilities and emotional needs.


Kids will learn the importance of keeping their personal lives private, and they will learn the reality that there are people who lie so they can hurt children. The internet is a really fun place where kids and adults can learn a lot, and it is my goal to make sure it stays that way for our kids!


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Is this class appropriate for my pre-teen?

In this class, I mention the outcome of predators, which is human trafficking and kidnapping. Now, I only mention these. I do not go into detail. If you have not had these discussions with your kids prior to taking this class, you might want to have that talk before signing them up.

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