Introduction to Animation!

Introduction to Animation!

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Class Description


“Introduction to Animation” will teach about the fundamentals of how to animate! We will cover the technicalities and different forms of media, as well as varying types of animating. This class will focus on 2D animation, stop motion, claymation, and additive animation.


Class Requirements


You will need a desire to make fun art!


Class Supplies


– A phone, tablet, or computer and digital camera duo
– Paper and pens or pencils
– Two to three post-it note packs
– Molding clay (optional)
– Small household items (buttons, paper clips, beans, pennies, qtips, or anything small!)
– Tape
– Enthusiasm


Frequently Asked Questions!

Do we need to have a smart phone or tablet?

No! You can use a computer but you will need a digital camera separate from your laptop/desktop camera. We will be taking photographs of our work and making it “come to life”!

Is a smart phone or tablet preferred?

Yes! We will be using an app called “the stop motion app” to help you get a gauge of how to animate! It gives very easy access. The app is free!

Can I participate if I don’t have those tools?

Yes! We will focus your lessons on a type of animation called “additive animation”, and I will help you throughout the entire process!

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