Introduction to Puppetry!

Introduction to Puppetry!

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Class Description


“Introduction to Puppetry” will focus on the constructing of puppets as well as how to bring them “to life”! The course will focus mostly on construction and different methods of puppetry, following each lesson with puppet shows by the class. Character design and voice acting will be encouraged!


Class Requirements


Excitement for making fun characters is definitely required!


Class Supplies


– long socks
– lunch bags
– markers
– tape


The rest of these supplies will just amplify your puppet making experience!
– paper/construction paper
– glue or hot glue
– string/yarn/pipe cleaners
– fabric or felt
– cotton balls
– buttons
– ping pong balls
– beads
– wire
– sticks or “tongue depressors”
– google eyes
– excitment
– a camera


Frequently Asked Questions!

Do we need all of those supplies?

Definitely not! The more supplies you have, the more exotic you can make your puppets – however, lots of puppetry is achieved through voice and movement.

Do I have to do voice acting?

No, but it’s very fun and I encourage all students to embody their puppets fully!

Is there a specific type of puppet we will make?

I always start with hand puppets, then lunch bag puppets, then sock puppets, and then more intensive crafting!

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