Kid’s Cooking Club

Kid’s Cooking Club

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Class Description


A cooking class for kids. Food, fun, friendship! No previous experience necessary. (If you have a yummy dish idea you want to learn how to make, let me know!)


Class Requirements


If you are 10 or younger, an adult supervisor


Class Supplies


A supply/ ingredient list will be sent out before each class!



What supplies will my child need for class?

This greatly varies depending on the recipe. In general, basic kitchen supplies like utensils, cutting board, knife, plates, pots/pans, access to a stove/oven. A supply/ingredient list will be shared prior to the class so your child is prepared!

I am concerned my child will make a mess through class, and resultantly may not want them to participate.

Part of cooking is keeping your work station clean, and cleaning up after yourself! This will be a part of each lesson.

Is there an age range this class is for?

This class is for anyone ages 8-14!

How does your class work with kids with allergies?

Please let me know in advance of the class what allergies your child has, and I will provide alternatives whenever possible!

No Schedules Currently Available.