Kindergarten Homeschool Club 1

Kindergarten Homeschool Club 1

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Class Description


Students will learn through classroom activities such as art projects, reading aloud, writing activities, and interactive lessons. Students will be taught kindergarten level concepts in reading, writing, health, science, art and math. Interaction between students in class will be encouraged and facilitated.
Week 1
Alphabet Review, Weather, Shapes and Patterns
Importance Of Following Rules, Weather Themed Art Project


Week 2


Vowels, Numbers And Their Written Names,The Calendar (Months, Days Of The Week), Living Things Vs Non Living Things
Art Project- Cutting and Pasting Activity Classifying Living and Non- Living Things


Week 3
Short Vowel Sounds, Counting to 100, Occupations, Planets
Art Project- We will be Making our own Silly Monster


Week 4
Simple Addition, Long Vowel Sounds, Occupations, Body Parts
Art Project-We will be making puppets of what we want to be when we grow up.


Week 5
Simple Subtraction, Opposites, Body Parts, Four Food Groups
Art Project- Flying Bat


Week 6
Poetry, Consonant Blends, Butterfly and Frog Life Cycles, Greater Than Less Than, All About The USA
Art Project- American Flag


Week 7
Nouns, Long Vowel Sounds, Skip Counting (By 2’s, 10’s and 5’s), How Plants Grow (Photosynthesis), Being A Good Citizen
Art Project- We will be making our own Butterfly


Week 8
Verbs, Long Vowel Sounds, All About Bugs, Safety
Art Project: We will decorate a graduation Hat


The class will meet three times a week for 80 minutes. I will pretty much treat the class like a typical classroom. There will be "circle time" and story time in addition to lessons. I will also try to engage the learners in cooperative learning games. Every day we will be working on and reviewing sight words and reviewing concepts learned the weeks before. This class is a great option for homeschoolers who want some academic support as well as some social interaction for their learner.


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


pencils, glue, crayons, and scissors.


No Schedules Currently Available.