Kindergarten Homeschool Club 2

Kindergarten Homeschool Club 2

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Class Description


Students will learn through classroom activities such as art projects, reading aloud, writing activities, and interactive lessons. Students will be taught kindergarten level concepts in reading, writing, health, science, art, and math. Interaction between students in the class will be encouraged and facilitated. This class would be best suited for those learners who completed my class Kindergarten Homeschool Club or the more advanced kindergartner.
Week 1
Alphabet Review (letter sounds), addition and subtraction( using a number line), dinosaurs, recycling
Week 2
Vowel sounds, place value, classifying animals, Career Day
Week 3
CVC words, rhyming words, adding two-digit numbers, phases of the moon, dental health


Week 4
Silent E words, subtracting two-digit numbers, the rainforest, anatomy (the basic function of heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, kidneys)


Week 5
writing simple sentences, identifying and counting coins, what is a good citizen, five senses


Week 6
story sequencing, identifying and counting paper money, needs vs wants, animal reports


Week 7
nouns, verbs, review of counting from 1-100, solid, liquid or gas, United States Landmarks
Week 8
adverbs, adjectives, measurement (inches and centimeters), writing a story


The class will meet three times a week for 80 minutes. I will pretty much treat the class like a typical classroom. Our time together will be structured but will have flexibility too. (just like in a regular classroom)
There will be "circle time" and storytime in addition to lessons. I will also try to engage the learners in cooperative learning games. Every day we will be working on and reviewing sight words and reviewing concepts learned the weeks before,
This class is a great option for homeschoolers who want some academic support as well as some social interaction for their learner. At the end of the eight weeks, we will have a little graduation ceremony.


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


I will provide materials in the classroom which will need to be printed out.
glue stick
safety scissors



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