Learn to Draw Monsters

Learn to Draw Monsters

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Class Description


This is a 5-day course, one hour per day. The instructor will lead the discussion and draw on the whiteboard. Students are encouraged to draw continuously as we talk about all kinds of fantastic creatures and make simple cartoon drawings.
Day 1: We will begin by looking at real animals that inspire scary monsters, such as alligators, spiders, and giant squids.
Day 2: Dinosaurs and dragons in all their many forms.
Day 3: The ‘people’ monsters: zombies, cyclops, Medusa, vampires, trolls and witches.
Day 4: ‘Animal’ creatures: Godzilla, werewolf, centaurs, and unicorns.
Day 5: Cartoon and anime monsters from Pokemon, Totoro, Naruto, and more.
During the entire class, the artists will be encouraged to suggest their favorite monsters in each category, and we will spend time drawing them.
All artists are welcome – beginners as well as those more experienced. We will take some time to look at each other’s artwork. Students are free to offer their own suggestions and questions at any time, as well as adding their own personal style to their drawings.


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


Only blank paper and pen/pencil are required. Optional supplies include a sketchbook, and colored markers or pencils.


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