Producing Comics

Producing Comics

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Class Description


Comics are a popular medium, but bringing a comic idea to life is a unique challenge. A good comic requires more than the ability to draw and more than the ability to write! It requires a deep understanding of how to bring ideas -and people- together in order to create a project to blow the audience away!


Here you will learn how to: create an asset list, script, thumbnails, story-board, draft & lettering.


NOTE: please see FAQ to ensure that you will be getting the most out of this class.


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


-Stable internet connection.


-Photoshop *OR* PS Elements *OR* GIMP *OR* Other image manipulation software that features layers.


-Word Processor



Will you be teaching comic art/how to draw comics?

This is *NOT* a drawing class! Instead, we will be learning how to cohere art and story into a comic project.

Will I need art/photoshop computer programs?

That is best, but not strictly required.


Students must be able to upload and manipulate art virtually. At minimum, you will require a scanner and a photo manipulation program like Photoshop.


(Alternatively, GIMP is a free program that has all needed features. Get it here: ).

Do I need additional art resources like model figurines?

Anything that will help the student create better art may be useful, but is not required.

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