Math Hunch Crunch!

Math Hunch Crunch!

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Class Description


This is a math class primarily concerned with the refinement of intuition and the development of raw mathematical prowess, achievby throwing students into a gauntlet of problems and riddles and puzzles and games that develop reasoning.


In this class I focus on:
∞ Quicks maths (intuition and fast reasoning)
∞ Useful stuff (problems already there)
∞ plug and chug and imagination
∞ computers (Basically programming or Excell)


Class Requirements


An open mind
∞ A little focus
∞ A little effort
∞ A little time
∞ A little patience


Class Supplies


∞ Literally any calculator
∞ A place to write doodles and notes



Will this help me/my child's grades in Algebra/Geometry/Quantum Particle Physics/Etc?

In reality mathematics can not be divided into neat buckets. While algebra and geometry seem seperate, there are threads of logic that connect almost everything spread around in mathematics. This class seeks to do away with those buckets, so while I can’t guarantee a grade increase, I can guarantee my students will be more interested in mathematics.

Why math class?

Traditional mathematics education emphasizes a lot of plug and chug drills and leaves students with a small foundation with understanding lacking. A lot of students don’t know what they’re doing, and the few that do learn to game the system by craming material and forgetting afterwards. This class hopes to be a part of the solution to that problem.

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