Realism in Acting

Realism in Acting

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Class Description


An introductory course designed for Children to learn acting in order to build self confidence and get down right silly!


Acting is a wonderful confidence booster, but it’s also an art form that allows all kinds of interpretations. Kids are often fantastic actors, as they’ve yet to reach the age of constant self containment. Hopefully we can help them gain a passion that will carry them through life!


Class Requirements


Just be ready to have fun!


Class Supplies





Will there be reading?

Yes, some. But exceptions can be made! Always a work around.

Will there be Homework?

Some, but the easy investigative sort – like a list of your three favorite movies or your favorite super hero.

Is Improvisation part of the curriculum?

Big Time! Improvisational skills are one of the foundational building blocks of a smart craft.

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